Pint Pharma receives TRACE Anti-Bribery Compliance cert.

PINT PHARMA GmbH receives TRACE Anti-Bribery Compliance certification

Pint Pharma GmbH, the rare disease experts in the Latin American market based in Vienna Austria gets certified by TRACE International, the leading non-profit organization aiming to increase commercial transparency for multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries by raising the standard of anti-bribery compliance.

After having completed a strict due diligence review, interviewing our partners and rigorous background checks of our company, PINT PHARMA received the TRACE Anti-Bribery Compliance certificate with the ID number TC00-5137 which allows outstanding parties to review the validity of our certification in the publicly accessible TRACE registry.

We view it as our obligation to operate on the highest ethical standards and moral grounds. This is true especially in our line of business when on the one hand dealing with the health of people and on the other when pharmaceutical companies entrust us with their products which they invested years developing a product and invested incredible amounts of funds to insure the quality of their product.

The TRACE Certification acknowledges our efforts to fulfill the high expectations of our customers and partners we represent with their products. Our due diligence reports contain a wealth of anti-bribery compliance information establishing that a commercial intermediary has been thoroughly vetted, trained and certified by TRACE. To successfully complete a review, a TRACE Certification candidate must provide detailed responses to a broad-ranging questionnaire that includes:

  • Detailed company, affiliate and subsidiary information, along with corporate literature
  • Business registrations
  • Corporate ownership
  • Identification of and CVs for owners, directors and key employees
  • Additional ownerships, directorships and employment of all owners, directors and key employees
  • Current and previous government employment of all owners, directors and key employees
  • Three business references
  • One financial reference or audited financial statement

The TRACE certification process also entails an in-depth background search spanning the past ten years as well as a search for denied party screening. In the case of DA-Desk no adverse results were found.

A candidate company must adopt a code of conduct, conduct a mandatory anti-bribery training course and update its due diligence information on an annual basis. At DA-Desk, all employees are being trained.

Once a company successfully completes the vetting process and receives TRACE Certification, it can share its verified due diligence report with any global partner. For DA-Desk, the Certification, along with its membership in the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), is another proof point that the company is committed to transparency, good governance and compliance.


TRACE provides an end-to-end, cost-effective and practical solution for anti-bribery and third party compliance for global organizations. The TRACE Anti-Bribery Compliance Solution offers multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries an unparalleled membership program, scalable and customizable training options and risk-based due diligence and advisory services.

TRACE International is a non-profit membership organization that pools resources to provide members with anti-bribery compliance support while TRACE Incorporated offers both members and non-members customizable risk-based due diligence, in-person training and consulting services. With a shared mission to increase commercial transparency, TRACE International and TRACE Incorporated provide companies with one complete anti-bribery compliance solution. For more information, visit